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Why We Should Stop Negotiating Over Text 

We didn’t even notice how everything in our lives that used to require a face-to-face conversation or at least a phone call, now gets handled electronically. What a convenience and time saver! In a business world, where many matters are time sensitive, being able to email or text certain information could be a true lifesaver… but could it be damaging as well? In some cases, it can. I am a recruite

The Counteroffer As A Form of Blackmail

As a recruiter of many years, I support and encourage healthy negotiating. In fact, I am happy to coach candidates through it as they consider multiple offers. There are many situations where counteroffers come up unplanned, from the current employer and alternative offers come in in parallel with each other, because candidates interview with several employers at the same time. It is absolutely ap

The Real Deal Behind The Agency’s Mark-Up

As you know, I like to cover the most controversial career topics in my blog and I haven’t written for a while… because I couldn’t find anything worth writing about, until recently. A friend of a friend who is working as a contractor on a long-term assignment reached out with a question that I know a lot of you care about, so I want to do my best to answer it here. So one day this ambitious you

Preparing For Your Annual Review with Tom Leonard, Global IT Director at Newell Rubbermaid

Tom Leonard (LinkedIN) has been one of the most influential mentors throughout my career in IT staffing. I find myself especially fortunate to have met this outstanding IT leader and a stand-up guy 14 years ago. I was able to benefit from his candid advice and encouragement for so many years! I got to watch Tom climb the corporate ladder along with many other managers, whom I had met around the sa

Stop Preparing Your Defense For A Job Interview, Ask Questions Instead.

WHY When our candidates get ready for their job interviews, they tend to focus on preparing their answers to all the questions they are likely to be asked. This is certainly a great approach. However, hiring managers today are just as interested in “good" answers, as they are in “good" questions.  Corporate America is changing and companies are no longer looking to fill the seats with hard-workin
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