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Turn Your New Boss Into A Puppy

You just started to understand your boss, adjusted to his limitations and learned to deal with his little quirks and... bummer!… he is being replaced. What do you do? In any case, you want to give your new boss the warmest (disarming) welcome you possibly can. This may not be a new organization for them, but managing a new team makes them nervous. Take advantage of their temporary vulnerability

When Does It Make Sense To Jump Ship?

In today’s job market, IT professionals, especially developers and engineers, are a hot commodity. Even when you are not actively looking, IT recruiters know how to find you. Once  they locate their victim, the sweet-talk begins. Is this an opportune moment to upgrade your job, or will the frequent changes, eventually  hinder your career?  I am getting many phone calls from my contacts and friends

Facing Acquisition? Take A Bath In The Shark Tank.

The economy is on a rebound, so it is no surprise that many companies are using mergers and acquisitions as an effective way to grow revenues.  As a result, I’ve recently noticed an increase in the number of questions on how to survive these transactions as an employee. To provide some valid advice, I interviewed a few of my clients who have gone through mergers and acquisitions at different level

All About The Art Of The Heart-Stopping Thank You Notes

I get a lot of questions about thank you notes. With changes in the overall work culture, our entire job search took a new angle and so did this aspect of it.  Just like wearing a suit to the interview, following up with a formal written thank you letter was expected in the old days. So what guidelines should we follow today? I say treat it just as you would the selection of your interview atti

Release Your Inner Golden Goose. The Truth About Job Security.

As a recruiter, I couldn’t help but notice increased amount of job-hopping on IT resumes over the years. Tough economic times showed that job security which we used to associate with full-time employment at a Fortune 500 company, may be just an illusion nowadays. When I am talking to candidates about job opportunities, stability is one of the first topics they bring up. It is perfectly reasonable
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