Tech Hiring Made Easy

Tech Hiring Made Easy

Finding the right person to fill your IT position can be hard work.

Hours spent reviewing junky resumes, interviews with disappointing candidates, and explaining position requirements again and again.  In some cases the hiring process takes so looong that IT managers settle for second best.  Rather than hiring the perfect candidate, they hire someone who is “good enough”.

At MMD we don’t believe in “good enough”.  We work with companies all over the Chicago area to make hiring top talent easy.  By leveraging our massive candidate database and network of contacts, we locate the passive job seekers, the A-list talent that you’re not going to find on Dice or Monster.

We offer 3 different hiring scenarios which can be customized to meet your business requirements.

  • Contract to hire (AKA “try before you buy”)
  • Short and long term contracts
  • Permanent placement

Sit back and relax

Working with us is easy (and fun!)

After discussing the position requirements with you, we’re going to put our superstar recruiters to work.  They’ll obsessively query our database,  review hundreds of resumes, and discuss the position with potential candidates.  Once we’re confident that we’ve found a good fit we’ll send you one or two resumes.

We’ll ask you to review the resume and provide us with feedback.  If the candidate looks like a winner then we’ll schedule a face to face interview and optional phone screen.  If our candidate is lacking in some area, then we’ll crack the whip and put our recruiters back to work until they find the perfect candidate.

What we’re NOT going to do:

  • Flood you with a million random resumes and hope something sticks.
  • Pressure you to hire someone who didn’t impress you.
  • Stalk you on the phone or in-person to obtain additional business.

We only get paid when you’re happy.  Our fee schedule varies depending on the hiring scenerio, but one thing is constant – if we don’t deliver then we don’t get paid.

If you’re ready to find the perfect technical candidate, give us a call (312) 674-4686 or complete the form below and a friendly face from MMD will be in touch shortly.  Please be prepared to tell background information about your company, the type of position you’re attempting to fill, and the target time frame for hiring.

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