Shannon Kennedy, Senior Technical Recruiter

Shannon Kennedy, Senior Technical Recruiter

Shannon’s kind demeanor brightens up our MMD office. She comes from a small town in Central Illinois and like a true Midwester, she treats every job applicant as a guest in her own home with genuine hospitality! She exudes compassion and understanding, and she gives her all towards making sure you have stellar representation.

Shannon is very well-connected in the Chicago job market because of her passion for networking. In-person or online, Shannon is always expanding her social network.

Shannon is extremely creative; she thinks outside the box and does not give up easily. In her work approach, she is a “pay it forward” kind of gal, always eager to help when she can. When we asked Shannon why she wants to stay in recruiting during her job interview with MMD, she said she always wanted to make a career out of helping others build one for themselves. She finds it rewarding to be able to help someone progress their career and make a real step forward towards reaching their professional goals.

But if you meet Shannon at one of her outings, you will see an upbeat, positive person who recharges from being around people. Shannon is a fashionista who loves all things cheerful, sparkling rosé, concerts, and puppies. She brings a ray of sunshine to any occasion.

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