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Just wanted to get your opinion on one matter since it\'s related to your previous articles. Let\'s say I work for company X for 3-4 months and found another job. The possibility of company X being happy with me leaving after 3 months is very low. Is it possible to skip this company on the resume? Can this come back and bite me in the future? Can I fill the gap by saying I worked on some temp project? Do the background check companies check for gaps?
Posted by Eugene
Asked on January 12, 2012 5:20 pm
Each case calls for a different approach. I would say, 3-4 months is a very small gap and in most cases you can just skip it on your resume. In the interview, you can say that you left employer A for a seemingly great freelancing opportunity that ended up having a shorter life span then you’ve anticipated. Therefore you accepted a position with employer B. Even if prospective employer chooses to verify dates of employment on your resume, you shouldn’t have any inconsistencies. Remember they can only verify what you chose to share. They will not hire a PI to chase down all the missing pieces. In some cases your industry might be a very tight circle (like trading or healthcare). A hiring manager may drop your name around their colleagues and learn that somehow they know you worked at XYZ with one of their friends. You have to think through potential scenarios and evaluate the risk. If you decide to disclose, simply blame your quick leave on the atmosphere of financial instability. This is usually not a verifiable fact, and a solid reason for leaving. Your dates of employment with be cleared and no other information will ever be reviled, as it’s illegal to share in our state. Companies would never open themselves for a potential lawsuit. As it relates to references, it would be more logical that you provide those from the organizations, where the longevity of your employment allowed making a difference.
Posted by Maria Dubov
Answered On January 12, 2012 5:23 pm